Heat pump|Heating domestic water

If you already have installed the heat pump, it is certainly noticed that these devices uses significant amounts of electricity. After installation of this product your electricity bills have been significantly increased. This problem can be solved by installing on your building photovoltaic system that will produce energy in an effective amount. It will reduce or completely bridge the additional costs created as a result of increased energy consumption resulting from operating the heat pump. Carefully selected PV system can be a great way to reduce energy bills.

If you still do not have a heat pump and reflect on the integration of this method of thermal energy with photovoltaic installation please contact us. Together with a  partner company which is a leader in heat pumps, we may offer you the optimal solution.

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 Have you ever thought about heating domestic water through PV installation?


Our company offers a professional and efficient water heating set. The installation for heating water uses DC power from photovoltaic panels. Electricity generated by a set of photovoltaic modules is converted into thermal energy,  heating the water in the tank. By using an automatically controlled heater, an operation is optimized and the system adjusts the heater load according to the operating point of the PV system.


Heating domestic water set of power of 1,5 kWp, boiler with a capacity of 150 l.

The set during the operation does not produce pollution.It is both autonomous and safe way of to obtain electricity. In addition, it reduces to the minimum carbon dioxide emissions from heating. The heat from the installation, you can get cheaper than from heating oil. This kit does not require permission to connect to the grid, because it is fully independent.

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