PV systems design

If you are interested in our range of design services, please send us your inquiry.

Our company has its own designers and constructors. We have experience in designing solar and wind installations.

Our range of services:

  • Preparation of detailed executed project of photovoltaic installations.
  • Technical Specifications works Execution and Acceptance,
  • Quantities of works,
  • Make arrangements of project documentation with the Department of Energy,
  • Obtain, on behalf of the client and on his behalf, any opinions, approvals, permits, opinions and administrative decisions necessary to design and begin executive parts,
  • A concept for the installation of photovoltaic power plant on the need to obtain funding. The concept should contain the necessary technical documentation together with the necessary financial data, determining the estimated value of the investment.

Our experience in the implementation of photovoltaic systems in the Western market will prove to be helpful in the design of efficient photovoltaic installations. For the valuation of the design work, please contact our company.