Home photovoltaic power plants

Home photovoltaic installations (to 40kW).

Photovoltaic systems produce electricity from solar energy. PV plants are built of carefully selected and combined photovoltaic panels and dedicated voltage converters (inverters) for the processing of electrical energy and which are responsible for the security of the system.

Carefully selected and designed a photovoltaic system can generate significant savings that reduces electricity bills.

Below you will find a catalog of examples of photovoltaic sets of Domestic series, which are aimed at owners of small objects, such as single-family homes, small offices and small industrial buildings. To download the catalog, please click LINK.

Send us your energy bills for the last 6 billing periods. We will prepare an economic analysis tailored to your needs. For the valuation of the installation and the selection of the right solution for you, please contact our company.


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