Free energy analysis and financing (grants)

If you are interested in the technology used for electricity from solar radiation, you are welcome to contact us. We will prepare you an offer for a photovoltaic system with the economic analysis. A list of the information that we need to prepare an offer you can find below

1. A copy of the invoices of electricity at least for three months (ideally of 12 months). If you changed your energy supplier, please also enclose the sales documents for the service distribution.

2. Roof description according to the scheme:

Type of roof covering:

Dimensions of the roof (or area):

Type of roofing material:

3. Contact details:

Name and surname:


Telefone number:



Priority program NF Prosument

The Supervisory Board of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has adopted new terms of the Prosument. This decision has become final on 19 March of this year.
Grants will include the purchase and installation of new systems and micro-installations of renewable
energy sources for the production of
– electricity or
– heat and electricity,
for the needs of residential single-family or multi-family, including the replacement of existing
installation for more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The beneficiaries of the program will include individuals, cooperatives, housing communities and
local government units. Environmental effect of the program will be an annual reduction of CO2 emissions
in the amount of 165 000 Mg and annual energy production from renewable sources of 360 000 MWh. The budget amounts to 600 million zł for 2014-2020 with the possibility of entering into credit agreements for 2018.

The program will finance the installations for the production of electricity or heat using:
– Biomass-fired heat source, heat pumps and solar panels with an installed thermal capacity to
300 kWt,
- photovoltaic systems, small wind turbines, and microcogeneration systems (including
microbiogasworks) with an installed capacity of electricity to 40 kWe.

Basic principles for the provision of funding:
– loan / preferential credit along with a grant total of up to 100% of eligible installations,
– grant in the amount of 20% or 40% of funding (15% or 30% after 2015),
– the maximum amount of eligible costs from 100 thousand zł to 450 thousand zł, depending on the type of beneficiary and the project,
– the maximum specified unitary and qualified cost for each type of installation,
– interest on loans / credit: 1%,
– the maximum period of financing a loan / credit 15 years.

The program will be implemented in two ways:
a) for local government units (lgu)
– loans and grants to lgu,
– choice of individuals, communities or housing associations (who have some or managing buildings indicated to install a small or RES micro-installations ) belongs to lgu,
– call for proposals from local government units in continuous mode, run by the National Fund
b) through the bank
– funds made ​​available to the selected bank  in the tender, may be used for grants and bank loans,
– call for proposals from individuals, communities and housing cooperatives, in continuous mode, run by the bank.
In the years 2014-2015 will be launched part of a pilot program for 200 million zl, including:

– 100 million zl for local government units,
– 100 million zl for selected through a tendering procedure bank.

The realization of the program in subsequent years is dependent on the results of pilot programs and changes in the market and legislative changes.

In accordance with the approved schedule is planned:
– announcement of the call for proposals for local government units – the second quarter of 2014. .
– start of the call for proposals in the selected bank in the tender – the third quarter of 2014.

Validation of a decision of the Supervisory Board will take place on March 19 this year. After that date, the content of the program will be made public.

——->General principles of the program Prosument [PDF]

——->Detailed description of the program  Prosument[PDF]