Grants for RES microinstallations

National Fund Priority Programme Prosument

The Supervisory Board of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has adopted new terms of the program Prosument. This decision has become final on March 19 this year.

Under the new regulations, the maximum value of the eligible costs of photovoltaics will decrease to 8000 zl / kWp – for installations up to 10 kW, and up to 6,000 zl / kWp – for installations in the range of 10-40 kW. For installations in which there is a mounting electricity storage system, the maximum eligible cost of the installation will be increased by 5 000 zl / kW.

A new feature is the possibility of combining grants for the hybrid  installations, for example, a grant in the amount of 40% for photovoltaic panels and 40% for a wind turbine.
Instalacja PV